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During her time as a Caregiver Ms. Tiffany noticed a serious problem. There were hospitals to take care of the ill, and resorts for those looking for vacations, but never a combined institution that can provide for both. We at TTT Mini-Camp, realized this and are working to establish a facility that can accommodate families of special needs kids and loved ones too. The plan is to build a hotel mini-camp that provides a safe and relaxing space for families and caregivers of children with special needs. 



We specialize in tailoring to the necessities of special needs families. Our facilities will include censored showers, sinks, toilets, bathroom railings, walk-in closets, body-censored temperature water, elevators, escalators, and much much more! Our goal is to make their time at TTT as relaxing and enjoyable as possible.

Cabins in Wood


As for the facility grounds, we plan on incorporating a horse farm with camp cottages, spacious parking garages that are wheelchair accessible and valet parking. What’s a resort without some fun?! Indoor basketball, tennis courts, a handicap-accessible pool, and free game rooms are among the few amenities that will be provided to guests. A shopping mall and equipped medical facility will also be on the premises!

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