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What Is Needed To Start A Flag Football Team?

What makes a club is the people behind it. For new clubs, we recommend assigning a chairperson, a treasurer, and a secretary at a minimum to help with the functions of the club. A head coach will need to be appointed at a very minimum whilst we also encourage other coaches to be assigned e.g. offensive coordinator, defensive coordinator. AFI provides coaching courses throughout the year that will allow coaches to gain certification. Volunteers are always great to have in positions such as videographers (for game review and see where to improve) and photographers (to help with your social media presence). When it comes to players, we would recommend having game day squads of at least 10 players – flag football in Ireland is played 5v5. This allows for substitutions in instances of injury etc.

Equipment-wise, you will need footballs, flags, and cones (of which our partners at Football America UK sell starter packs) at a minimum. For competitive matches, all players will need jerseys that are of the same color and style and which have numbers. Shorts with no pockets are also mandatory (to reduce the chance of injury).

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